Pearl Hunting

For the longest time, pearls used to be associated to conservative “you-can’t-sit-with-us” attitude only. However, after the spring 2019, we all realized that “pearls” are the essentials when adding up that “je ne sais quoi” sparkle to our looks, right!? So, I went “all in” in trying to add a little bit more A LOT of pearl accessories in my looks.


Pearl color matches everything!

Pearl accessories are like cherry on the top the milkshake!

Pearl accessories tend to have calming benefits – JK! I just love pearls 😂💕

My favorite brand where my sister and I have bought most of our jewelry is Stradivarius because over the time their jewelry is super affordable and from my very own experience it DOESN’T rust! But since it’s not real gold, please don’t shower with it or wash your hands with the rings on – because that just speeds up the deterioration process.

AAAND to end this short intro, please let me quote Coco Chanel:

“A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls! “

Obviously, I’m trying to live up to that… SO let’s see what I put lately in that shoppin’ basket

Earrings 💎

Hairbands 🎆

Hair clips

Necklaces 🎇

Sooo, I hope you got inspired and I see you in the next one… BYE LOVES! 💕💖


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