Is Checked Blazer A New Fall Trend?

Are you searching for a new ‘’work & school’’ appropriate trend that you can also rock as your off-duty look? For this fall season, the checked blazer is all you need! I’ve always thought blazers were only wearable while sitting behind your desk, looking death serious and professional until I tried this one. My initial thoughts? I might seriously wear blazers everywhere I go for the rest of my life. Here are my 3 super practical reasons why YOU (yes you giiirl!) should definitely play around with that checked blazer this fall. Scroll through this huge photo of me in to learn more! 😂

Checked Blazer

Photo Credit: Andrea Bajtošová

#1 It instantly elevates your look

 Let’s get real! Who has the time to create those super sophisticated outfits in the morning and still come to work on time? Believe me, I don’t. I would rather go after some basic pieces and run out to catch my bus. Checked blazers are exactly for those kinds of days.

Here’s how it works:

”You put on your fave basic pieces and then throw on that gorgeous blazer. It couldn’t be easier, right?”


#2 It never gets out of style

I know we’re all searching for that one timeless piece you can keep in your closet and wear it season after season. Everybody has their cute denim jackets but what if you’re prepared for the next level and the only thing you are missing right now is that… BLAZER! It never ever gets old and I bet it will be still in the game for next 100 years.

Bershka Checked Blazer

Photo Credit: Andrea Bajtošová

Photo credit: Andrea Bajtošová

#3It’s the easiest conversation starter

Imagine that after a long day at school/work, you decided last minute to show up at the networking event; no time to go home, nor to change your look. At least you wear your trusted blazer, right? (lol this sounded like a really weird commercial) But seriously, when you wear a statement piece like this, you better expect those compliments coming your way, because it’s the easiest way to start the conversation. As I know you don’t want to be overlooked in black pants and black T-shirt (my favorite comb), the right checked blazer can do the magic, I promise.

So, these were my 3 super obvious reasons why you should get yourself a blazer for this fall season. I really hope that you enjoyed reading it and if you did, please let me know in the comment section if you already have a statement blazer in your wardrobe.

I love you so so much and ’til next time…

xo Lenka 

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