Fashionable Places: NANUSHKA Flagship Store

For all my fashion lovers and cute little coffee shop seekers I’ll go straight to the point. There is only one place you need to visit in Budapest to have 2 in 1 experience – NANUSHKA flagship store. Maybe you’ve never heard of the brand or you don’t get why I am so obsessed about it and why the hack you should be as well… Well, let me introduce you the coolest emerging brand of 2018 and their aesthetically pleasing main store.

1| Hungarian designer brand created in 2006 by designer Sandra Sandor (alumni of London College of Fashion)

2| Idea behind the design: ‘’When East Meets West’’

3| In its first official collection last season at NY Fashion Week (2018), Sandra Sandor incorporated in her leather pieces only vegan leather

4| The collection is designed in Budapest and produced in Europe – very detail & quality oriented

5| Its flagship store is a coffee shop and store at the same time (coolest idea ever, right?).

Once you know the basics, let’s jump into my real-life experience:


Aesthetic heaven! Even though ”picky” is my second name, I have to admit I was really impressed with how detail-oriented the store was. Everything was super organized, color coordinated and the transition between the coffee shop and actual store was really clever because while I was drinking my espresso, I could check in advance all the clothes around me 😂.


Speaking about the coffee, although I’m not an expert (yet😜) by any means … I have to admit that espresso you see below was a real deal & trust me, everybody could find there a coffee that best suited his/her taste. If I had my own brand, I would 100% use the same formula … sell great coffee and fabulous clothes all in one place.


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Last but not least, in this short review, I just need to give shoutout to people who worked there. I’ve never been to supper luxury store like this, so I kind of expected the “Pretty Woman” Scene. BUT! The sales assistants were the most genuine, professional and nicest persons on the planet Earth!❤ they even explained to me the whole history of the brand, message behind the designs and most importantly they were absolutely fine with us taking the pictures of the store.

To sum up, in 2019 we should all try new cool coffee shops and places like this. I definitely will because I’m actually tired of drinking the same coffee in the same places over and over. Please make 2019 the year of refreshing change! I’ll keep showing you new places worth trying here on my blog so stay tuned for that.

P.S. Once you visit this unbelievably beautiful & fashionable place or you have any suggestions of cool places for me, just feel free to DM me on my Instagram @bluewhat_ .

I’m really looking forward to hearing from you about the experience.

XO Lenka


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