Faux-Fur Drama Pt.2

I have to admit I’m still living for the never-ending faux fur madness when it’s freezing and so cold outside. There’s nothing cosier, warmer, more comfortable and (of course) better-looking that a well-fitting faux-fur jacket. First time styling it might seem a little bit overwhelming and stressful, but I got you covered girl. For the beginners I wrote an easy guide on how to style a faux-fur jacket (Click HERE) and if you feel like you can move to the next step, scroll down for some winter OOTD inspiration.

Unexpected Pop of Color

Currently my biggest obsession is to wear all-one-color base with a pop of color on it. With all black outfit (like HERE) it’s really but when I bought this Zara faux fur jacket in so called dijon or mustard color I knew it would be a tough nut to crack. So, I pair it with all in baby-blue-vibe outfit to make it stand out. The jacket has slightly shorter sleeves, so I make use of it by showing the shirt pearls detail that would normally be hidden under the jacket.

Fluffy Cross Body Bag

When I saw this little cutie (in…yes- Zara again), I was immediately sold. It elevates every look and what is more it always sparks conversation. However, in terms of practical use, its ultra-small size indicates that only your phone, small keys, some cash or credit card can fit inside. So, there is no extra space for all our unnecessary stuff we, as women, are guilty to carry everywhere with us.

Another Untold Love Story

I’ve always wanted to have that classic baby blue “ready to office” shirt, but I found even better-looking version of it in Zara – a classic baby blue shirt with a special twist. The velvet dark blue stripes on the sleeves add the silhouette element and blue & white pearls represent the perfect unexpected detail that create the “extra” look we all want to achieve. To dress it down a little bit I paired it with the Stradivarius denim jeggings and golden hoops earrings with a snow-white pearl on them.

With all these must have items I was ready to go to explore the beautiful Prague – comfy and chic at the same time.

Yay! You made it to the end of the blog post. I hope you liked this OOTD inspiration and as always if you’re not already following my Instagram @bluewhat_ , feel free to connect with me there to be updated all the time and of course to be first to know  the release date of my upcoming blog post.

Till next time!



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